CBD Business Loans and Inventory Financing Options

Get the capital you need to grow your business.
We have the resources and experience to help your business succeed.

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CBD Business Loans and Inventory Financing Options

Get the capital you need to grow your business.
We have the resources and experience to help your business succeed.

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About Us

A lender who understands your business

Money Financial Group offers financing options for consumer and commercial businesses. We believe in thinking outside the box. MFG has the underwriting creativity and expertise to approve more customers than any other finance company. We also understand that every customer has unique needs, and our mission is to help meet those needs. In many cases, you will find that we can approve applicants with a high debt-to-income ratio, limited income, or low credit profile.

Why MFG for Your CBD Manufacturing Business Loans?

Navigating the financial landscape for CBD manufacturing companies requires a partner who understands the industry's nuances. MFG stands out by approaching each business individually, ensuring customized financing solutions. This approach facilitates a higher approval rate, even for business owners with less-than-perfect credit or unconventional financial statements. The application process is quick, taking seconds to complete, and approvals are granted within 24 hours.

  • No Collateral Required, 100% Unsecured Funds MFG eliminates the need for collateral, offering businesses unsecured funds with minimal paperwork and a rapid 24-hour funding process.

  • Custom-Tailored CBD Manufacturing Company Business Loans Unlike “one-size-fits-all” lending, MFG collaborates with cannabis businesses to understand their unique requirements, ensuring a loan that aligns with their CBD manufacturing goals. 

Understanding Types of CBD Financing:

  1. SBA Loans for CBD Manufacturing Companies:
    Money Financial Group recognizes SBA loans as an ideal choice, partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. While boasting favorable terms, these loans may be challenging to qualify for.
    • Stretching Out High Limit Debt Over a Period of Up To 30 Years
    • Prime-Based Interest Rates
    • Loan Amounts Up To 50 Million
    • The Security of a Small Business Administration Loan
  2. Traditional Term Loans: For straightforward, affordable funding solutions, traditional term loans provide a lump sum of capital with fixed interest rates and flexible terms.

    • Flexible Terms from 2-5 Years to Fit Your Business’s and Industry Needs
    • Low Cost of Funds
    • Limited Documentation Required for Approval
  3. Business Lines of Credit: Money Financial Group's Business Lines of Credit offer immediate access to funds without the need for extensive documentation. This flexible option allows businesses to address cash flow gaps or seize unforeseen opportunities.

    • Immediate Access to Funds With No Waiting or Application
    • Completely Unsecured with NO Collateral Needed
    • Regular Limit Increases Available Without Needing Further Documentation
  4. Unsecured Working Capital Loans: Businesses facing daily operational costs benefit from unsecured working capital loans, providing funds quickly with minimal documentation.

    • Up To $500,000 With Limited Documents Required
    • Flexible Terms with No Collateral Required
    • 100% Tax-Deductible
  5. Start-Up Business Loans: Money Financial Group supports new CBD manufacturing businesses with start-up loans, enabling them to implement their ideas and overcome financial obstacles.

    • Quickly & Easily Get Money You Need
    • Interest Rates 3.25%+
    • Approval Rate Over 95%
  6. Merchant Cash Advances: When fast cash is essential, merchant cash advances become a viable option, providing quick access to funds based on future credit and debit card revenues.

    • Quick Access to Funds
    • Completely Unsecured with No Collateral Needed
    • Easy Approval Process

CBD Product & Industry Financial Landscape

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the Cannabis industry gained federal acceptance, creating a unique opportunity for growth. Money Financial Group's CBD financing solutions cater to the industry's specific needs, offering short-term loans, cash advances, invoice financing, and inventory financing.

Scaling Your CBD Business & Cash Flow with Money Financial Group

As the CBD industry matures, the need to fund CBD businesses becomes essential. Money Financial Group recognizes the diverse strategies for scaling a CBD business. This includes expanding into new markets, introducing new products, and forming strategic partnerships. Maximizing business goals and investing in your business is key to scalability. The availability of CBD industry-specific business loans simplifies the scaling process for businesses aiming to reach their full market potential.

Inventory Financing Options For CBD and Hemp Businesses

Inventory financing offers businesses to obtain capital without adding debt or giving up assets. This type of CBD financing involves securing funding to purchase and manage stock, addressing the unique challenges of the cannabidiol industry. Given the regulatory landscape and potential fluctuations in demand, obtaining capital to get access to the funding to acquire CBD inventory is crucial for sustaining operations. It can be a challenge to get a traditional business loan, which makes it ideal for those who sell CBD. Also, traditional lenders may hesitate due to legal uncertainties, making specialized financing solutions essential.

CBD business owners can explore alternative funding sources such as private lenders, venture capital, or industry-specific financiers who understand the legal complexities and market dynamics. Inventory financing enables companies to optimize their cash flow, ensuring consistent product availability without compromising liquidity. As the CBD market evolves, securing reliable financing becomes increasingly vital for navigating regulatory changes and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Successful inventory financing in the CBD sector requires a strategic approach, leveraging financial partnerships to support growth and navigate the unique challenges of this rapidly evolving industry.

CBD Small Business Loans and Changing Laws

The dynamic landscape of CBD laws and CBD Sales, both at the state and national levels, underscores the importance of staying informed. FundCanna acknowledges the continuous changes and supports CBD businesses in obtaining the necessary financing options and access to the capital needed for businesses to navigate these evolving regulations. 

Those looking to start a CBD business may encounter challenges in getting CBD financing. With the dynamic regulations, it is best to have a strong business plan, basic information about your business, and reasons you need a business loan. This type of business faces various challenges when it comes to getting business off the ground. Any retail business related to CBD will have a difficult time obtaining a CBD loan or financing CBD businesses. This is where Money Financial Group steps in to provide various options for business funding and financing to CBD business owners.

Choosing the Right Partnerships for Your Business Needs

Critical decisions for CBD sellers, such as choosing the right supply chain partnerships, impact a company's growth and reputation. Traditional and small business financing is a crucial partnership that requires careful consideration. MFG emphasizes working with established lenders, ensuring clear guidelines, prompt responses, and a knowledgeable support team.

Exploring Sales Platforms for the CBD Industry

CBD brands have diverse options for expanding through sales platforms, be it brick-and-mortar establishments or eCommerce channels. MFG encourages careful consideration of sales strategies to ensure sustainable growth without incurring unnecessary debts. We strongly encourage growing your business without adding unsustainable debt or giving up essential assets.

CBD Business Loans and Other Financing Options for CBD Businesses with MFG

While federal cannabis laws pose challenges, CBD companies find solace in their legal federal status. MFG stands ready to assist CBD brands in obtaining business loans and exploring various financing options.

Vendor Financing and Working Capital Solutions to help your Business Grow

MFG addresses the frustrations of irregular payments with vendor financing and working capital solutions. Invoice financing ensures a steady cash flow, allowing businesses to invest in growth without being hindered by delayed payments.


In a landscape where financing is pivotal for CBD manufacturing companies, Money Financial Group emerges as a reliable partner. By offering customized solutions, favorable terms, and a variety of financing options, we empower CBD businesses to thrive and scale in the competitive market. Contact Money Financial Group today to explore CBD business loans and other financing solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Some funding options are based on the purchase of a portion of future business revenue generated from sales of the applicant’s business. Funding options are not available in all states and are subject to certain eligibility requirements and approval. Pre-Qualification is not a guarantee of approval, but rather the minimum qualification criteria. The cost varies depending on certain factors such as, but not limited to: industry and time in business. Payment frequency and terms vary by transaction and product type. Approval and Funding time-frames vary by transaction, product type, and submission day and time

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