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Money Financial Group provides financing solutions tailored to the needs of both individuals and businesses. We offer a wide range of products to meet your borrowing needs, including Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and Direct-to-Merchant (DTM) options. Our financing solutions provide flexible payment options, competitive interest rates, and quick access to funds. This means the funds can be used for a variety of purposes such as paying for home renovations, starting a business venture, or making a high-ticket purchase. With Money Financial Group’s secure and unsecured lending options, borrowers can rest assured knowing that their dream purchases are within reach. Our dedicated team is here to ensure you find the best financing option that meets your specific needs.


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We are one lender that does it all. Money Financial Group eliminates the daunting task of searching and applying with numerous lenders and banks. With our easy one-click application your customers can quickly apply for a loan and receive a true credit decision fast. We believe in thinking outside the box. MFG has the underwriting creativity and expertise to approve more customers than any other finance company. We also understand that every customer has unique needs, and our mission is to help meet those needs. Let one of our financing solutions help you today.

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Money Financial Group has been providing consumer and commercial loans to customers and businesses for over 19 years. Our top-notch and personalized customer care is what separates us from others. We have built trust in our community and promise to continue providing our expertise and care to our customers. 

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