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At Money Financial Group, we connect with Business Brokers to assist in the process of buying and selling business notes. Banks and large lenders have been exiting the small business lending sector which has made it difficult for potential buyers to find financing, and sellers to find qualified buyers. This is where our expertise comes into play and assist your buyer or seller with expediting the process leading to more closed deals. 

Our criteria ensures your clients, whether they are selling or buying a business, a seamless transition. With no minimum FICO* score, up to 72 month payment options, simple terms your buyers can purchase their dream business with confidence. For your clients that wish to sell their business, we help make their offers stand out. With access to creative financing options we create a higher demand which attracts more buyers, increases sale price, and expedites the closing process. We specialize in simultaneous closing to ensure an accelerated process. Partnering with Money Financial Group benefits you and your clients. 

*To qualify applicant should not have any major disparaging conditions such as bankruptsy or >90 day deliquency, etc. 

Benefits of partnering with MFG

Buying and selling small businesses with Money Financial Group is more efficient than ever.  We are committed to making your seller and buyer's experience as unified as possible. We strive to provide the utmost service and care for an expedited process so your clients buy and sell with confidence.


Broaden the spectrum of potential buyers for your sellers to close sales quckier


Access to financing options to make your business sales and acquisition seamless


Allow sellers to maximize their earnings with a higher selling price for the business


Quick closing process to secure more business transactions and deals with ease


We have various options to help all types of applicants. We include options with no minimum FICO*, without a major derogatory such as bankruptcy, >90 day delinquency, etc. The desired business to be purchased must be profitable with a minimum yearly revenue of at least $350,000. Obligation must be in first position with no bank, finance company, or SBA subordinations.

The minimum down payment is 20% of the purchase price. 

We work primarily with small businesses. Some of the industries with include: automotive, beauty, cleaning, construction, healthcare, agricultural & landscape, plumbing & HVAC, retail, restaurant & service, hospitality, and more!

You do not need to wait two months or more to learn that your application is declined from a bank/SBA. Once we have all documentation in place and complete a full review of the deal you can expect to close the transaction in about 15 days.

We work in all 50 states within the United States of America. 

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