Selling with MFG: Small Business Exit Strategies

Learn how MFG is revolutionizing the process of selling a small business.

Seller Financing
Sell a small business


Are you ready to sell your business but don't have time to wait 60+ days to close with banks or can't find a buyer that qualifies for traditional lending? Selling a business might not be as easy as we think. However, in recent years, creative financing and exit strategiests have emerged to help .

Selling a business can be an exciting and fulfilling path towards a new venture. By leveraging the benefits of an established business, navigating the selling process with diligence, and addressing challenges head-on, you can set yourself up for a successful sale. If you're ready to take the next step in your journey, consider the opportunity that selling a business presents. 

Benefits of Selling with MFG


Reach a broader spectrum and attract more potential buyers by partnering with us


Allows sellers to maximize their earnings by commanding a higher selling price for the business


Allow buyers to spread payments over months or years, making the purchase more feasible


Enable to finalize and sign all documents to expedite and close the deal swiftly

Selling a small business with Money Financial Group is simple and straightforward. We are devoted to making your experience as unified as possible. We strive to bring you various options when it comes to selling your business. With strategies such as seller financing, you can broaden your pool of potential buyers and command a higher price for your business. By extending financing options, you enable buyers to spread payments over months or years, making the purchase more feasible. Many serious buyers prioritize seller financing, as it demonstrates the seller's commitment and enhances the appeal of the business opportunity. Additionally, as a seller, you retain control over the timing of the closing and can tailor the terms of the Note—including interest rates, monthly payments, and maturity dates—to your preference.

Though initially met with hesitation by some, seller financing presents advantages for both parties involved, proving to be a mutually beneficial solution. For sellers, it facilitates attracting potential buyers and elevates the selling price of the business. Simultaneously, it offers buyers who might lack access to the full purchase amount an opportunity to proceed with the acquisition. Specifically, seller financing provides several benefits for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers benefit from cheaper financing options not attainable through traditional lenders. It grants access to significant capital that may otherwise be beyond reach, with a streamlined process and reduced paperwork requirements, expediting the closing timeline. Equally, sellers stand to gain numerous advantages from offering owner financing. Firstly, it allows for a broader spectrum of potential buyers, expedites the closing process, enabling sellers to complete the transaction swiftly. Furthermore, this financing arrangement allows sellers to maximize their earnings by commanding a higher selling price for the business. By providing financing themselves, sellers can negotiate favorable terms, including interest rates and payment schedules, to ensure the transaction aligns with their financial goals. By leveraging the benefits of seller financing, both parties can navigate the transaction process with confidence, ultimately leading to a successful business transfer.


The corporate tax returns and profit & losses need to present sufficient cash flow to service the note debt. The minimum yearly gross revenue is $350,000. Obligation must be in first position with no banks, finance companies or SBA subordinations.

The minimum down payment is 20% of the purchase price. 

We work primarily with small businesses. Some of the industries with include: automotive, beauty, cleaning, construction, healthcare, agricultural & landscape, plumbing & HVAC, retail, restaurant & service, hospitality, and more!

You do not need to wait two months or more to learn that your application is declined from a bank/SBA. Once we have all documentation in place and complete a full review of the deal you can expect to close the transaction in about 15 days.

We work in all 50 states within the United States.

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