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Why should I provide financing to my customers?

Providing financing to your customers has a number of benefits to you and your business. The first benefit is the ability to close larger projects or purchases and giving your customers the ability to make simple and affordable monthly payments over time. The second benefit is keeping your customers happy and creating loyalty. With flexible payment options, your customers are going to feel confident they can afford their dream purchase with you. This will encourage them to repurchase and gain trust in you. Another benefit is increasing sales with affordable repayment options. Watch your sales skyrocket as your customers are no longer inclined to walk away due to affordability. The final benefit to providing financing to your customers is growing your business by providing simple financing options. Less stress and hassle motivates your customers to make their buying decision easy. When you offer your customers the best financing options, they will feel more prone to shop with you and repurchase in the future

Benefits of Our Financing Programs

Customized Programs

Offer loans up to $100,000 with terms up to 15 years and competitive industry rates

100% Financing

Customer's option to buy your products/services with no money down

Easy Sign-up & Activation

Simple sign-up and setup. Begin offering our program to your customers fast

Custom Integrations

We provide exclusive integration tools for partners to effectively utilize our programs to build your success​

Dedication To Your Growth

We provide you with tactics and tools to grow your business and increase your sales

Built For Franchises

Ability to maintain progress and success across your company

How MFG works

Money Financial Group provides you with a program to grow your business without making you pay any sign-up fees, monthly or yearly fees, and we never charge any dealer fees. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign-up and complete our new merchant application to become an approved partner with us.
  2. We will design your specific financing program built tailored to your business’s needs.
  3. Receive your onboarding tools necessary to begin utilizing your new financing program for your customers.
  4. Start submitting applications and receive funding.


Frequently asked Questions

None. Enrollment is free. Never a sign up or ongoing fee.

Our New Dealers Department constantly reviews new applications and guarantees new enrollments in 24 hours.

For Consumers, both Prime and Subprime Credits enjoy affordable rates and terms 12 to 180 months with no prepayment penalty. Promotions such as same as cash and deferred payments are available upon request.

60 seconds for Direct to Consumer program. For Direct to Merchant program 5-15 minutes for prime credits and 45-60 minutes for sub-prime credits. 

We fund our Dealers within 24 hours from receipt of documentation. Funds are electronically remitted to your bank account free of charge. Prefunding is also available.

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